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Employee Performance Feedback Bringing Out The Sense Of Belonging!!!

July 31, 2013 11:51 am

The business constitutes of several factors which are either dependent or independent. The significant role is played by the employee as on e of the important variables of the game. The satisfaction of employee is important for the business corporation to get the projected completed with the best in put which would yield great output as a result. These days most of the companies pay much attention to the understanding between employees and employers by organizing training programs and team meetings. Employee feedback system serves the purpose by assuring the clear understanding that the two parties have to have. The feedback acts as a constant check for the working system as well. The transparency brought about by looking at the feedback of employees helps the business venture to make the amendments time to time. The interest of the employees to be kept in the work has to be complimented with motivational factors that keep them going.

Employee performance feedback also gives a fair means to the manager to judge the employees fairly instead of making sweeping statements about their performances. Since the manager usually isolates himself from rest of the lot, he is not much aware about their concerns. This in turn is imperiling effectual employee communication. The monthly or weekly assessment of the employees is seen through the feedback form that draws out their responses and observations. Ineffective and despite of the hierarchy of position all the employees including top and middle managers is taken up to solve out the communication issues and state of affairs.

Lack of employee satisfaction survey, informal conversations, team meetings and other venues of communication is a big concern in most companies, especially the larger ones. Most companies appear to be faceless and soulless organizations due to this problem, which is even heightened with the high-tech communication systems used by both managers and employees. Top managers often isolate themselves physically and psychologically from other employees, endangering effective employee communication. Employee performance solutions brings to the fore the level of the company’s management. The interview, focus group, e-mail and other mediums of communication presenting the response process must be unbiased in their results. The disentangled relations in the office team at times draw out the constructive criticisms and specific ideas.

The company can improve the working conditions by finding a solution through Employee performance solutions. While other factors significant for employee retention can be utilized as to build a strong sense of belonging in the employees. The true analysis of the situation also reduces the work of an HR. the natural pattern to stay indifferent in the office is then broken by expanding the horizon of the workforce. The value of each team member is assessed after the interaction that shatters the stereotypes of the workplace. The most revelations and realizations can be worked upon only if you can take some action when it is required. However, most of humans have a tendency to learn our lessons when it is too late.

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