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  • 3 Mistakes Recruiters Make That Take Away Millennials!!

    Know What Is Deterring Gen Y Employees From Joining You-TeamWise-HRMS

    As the millennials get ready to take over the office spaces, employers focus has been diverted towards hiring them. But, if employers think that their traditional ways of hiring are enough to woo a Gen Y candidate, then they need to think again!!

    It isn’t always easy to recruit a millennial. When it comes to work, millennials have different mindsets as compared to the previous generations. If an employer wants to have one in his workforce then he needs to build a millennial mindset. But, usually companies don’t value these efforts and deter budding talent from joining them. Let’s see 3 most critical mistakes companies make while hiring Gen Y -

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    #1. Isolating Businesses From Being Mobile-Friendly

    If you are giving second thoughts on the role of mobile in recruitment process, then you might be restraining millenials from joining your organization. According to a study, around 77 percent of the job seekers find jobs through their mobiles and 65 percent of them won’t like to apply through a desktop site, if they weren’t able to apply through mobile. Thus, employers can gain access to more candidates by making their website mobile-friendly.

    #2. Failing To Offer Comprehensive Job Insight

    Most of the job postings that come across a job seeker don’t provide detailed information on the job profile. These kinds of job postings fail to hook that potential candidate which an employer might be deeply craving for. To attract talented employees, a job posting should contain detailed description of a particular opening and what roles & responsibilities need to be performed by the candidate on daily basis.

    #3. Impersistent In Grabbing Potential Employee Attention

    Usually, job seekers do their homework by going through social media, blogs and online publications and collect as much information as they can about the potential employers; going to the career page and applying for the position comes second. Thus, employers need to reach the potential candidates in the form of quality content which make the company authentic in their eyes. To bring the desired talent to your organization, you need to market yourself smartly (especially on social media) and become the desired employer for them. Only then you can bring this Millennial workforce to your organization.

    These 3 common mistakes can dwindle opportunity of hiring the Gen Y employees. Corporations are required to engage this pool of target candidates by modifying their recruitment strategies, that will eventually help them take their company to a whole new level. Moreover, this generation employees are probably more reliable and are gonna stay for a long-term, which is a rarity in this competitive workforce.