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  • Common Mistakes Employers Make That Drive Talent Away!

    In the ever-changing organizational structure, it is a clear fact that HR is not just made to handle hirings; they are more likely to be engaged in strategic initiatives and business planning.

    As per a recent survey, it has been concluded that managing employees takes up most of the HR time and thereby reduces their productivity. This includes resolving employee issues, handling their queries, maintaining decorum and managing talent through employee recognition. Around 71% of the HRs admitted to this fact.

    Apart from this, HR pros are basically busy with recruitment and matters related to company compliances.

    When it comes to experienced HR professionals, their role becomes more strategic rather than just performing routine tasks. Their role is far more than handling employee documentation, processing payrolls or conducting employee trainings. As a matter of fact, these seasoned HR professionals too want a role of managing workplace culture and get involved in workforce planning and the like.

    Are Daily Tasks Taking Up All HR Time-TeamWise

    It is also believed that HR pros are well-trained for their job, but the survey respondents disclosed that they attend regular training sessions and try to remain updated through HR updates on a weekly basis.

    Thus, it is clear that there is an urgent need to analyze the dissimilarity between the work HRs are usually involved in and what they are supposed to be doing.

    These day-to-day tasks can be considered as productivity killers for experienced HRs as most of their time is consumed by these tasks which tend to deflect them from focusing on more strategic roles. However these functions can be scaled down by utilizing all-automated HR software, thereby freeing the department from monotonous tasks.

    The considerable features include employee management, managing timesheets, handling recruitments, leave and attendance management, updating employee information, managing performance, and more. For HR Professionals, who are looking for a system to improve their overall performance and enhance their role in the organization, TeamWise can be the perfect solution. To witness a new age HR who is far more strategic and powerful, adapting to the technology and migrating routine tasks to the system can prove to be very helpful.