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  • Are you Evaluating Your Employee Performance Rightly??

    Despite of all other factors such as job satisfaction, friendly work culture, etc., the only factors that can always boost up employee morale are pay and recognition. Only these are the factors that can impact the Employee Performance and overall organizational growth.


    To retain valuable employees within the organization, it is highly crucial to conduct performance appraisals at regular intervals. According to the recent surveys by the management consulting firms, maximum business owners have performance management systems incorporated in the organization, but not even half of them admit that their systems work efficiently and majority of them feel that they are not aligning the performance ratings and compensation decisions properly leading to increased employee dissatisfaction.

    Therefore, there is a need to conduct a detailed check over whether the managers are handling this performance evaluation thing seriously? And if not, the solutions must be found out!

    TeamWise has a very clear and transparent performance management system that provides a platform to the HR managers, employees and their supervisors to have an open communication about every individual employee and thus, taking decision after getting feedbacks from all parties. This has made the entire process more efficient, quick and reliable. Also with this, the employers can well-align the performance ratings with the compensations for effective results!