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  • 12 / Nov 2013

    Save Time by Easy Attendance Tracking System!!

    Being the supervisor or the manager, it is quite difficult to keep track of the sub-ordinates who ask for leave or days off. Practically, it is not possible to manage all the leave data through e-mails as in a day, … Read More

  • 18 / Oct 2013

    Are you Evaluating Your Employee Performance Rightly??

    Despite of all other factors such as job satisfaction, friendly work culture, etc., the only factors that can always boost up employee morale are pay and recognition. Only these are the factors that can impact the Employee Performance and overall … Read More

  • 2 / Sep 2013

    New & Distinctive TeamWise Overtime Policy

    Overtime Policy Management is the self-service module in TeamWise, a web- based HRMS & Payroll Management software of TrogonSoft. Attendance Settings not only roster non-working days and hours but, any variation in the other guidelines is also possible namely working … Read More

  • 5 / Aug 2013

    Human Resource Software Applications Undertaking To Produce Staff In An Optimum Operating Condition!!!

    The working procedure of an enterprise is often hindered and affected by various factors that also contribute in the success it own at the end of the venture. Human Resource Management at such a time turns out to be a … Read More

  • 1 / Aug 2013

    HRMS Solutions Reassuring Smooth Management System!!!

    The present day world had been moving towards the technical advancement. With the advent of industrialization and modernization things have been changing and moving at a rapid rate bringing in the change in working ideologies too. The scenario has changed … Read More

  • 18 / Jul 2013

    Employee Performance Feedback Bringing Out The Sense Of Belonging!!!

    The business constitutes of several factors which are either dependent or independent. The significant role is played by the employee as on e of the important variables of the game. The satisfaction of employee is important for the business corporation … Read More

  • 4 / Jul 2013

    Employee Engagement!!!

    Employee Engagement It is a well known fact that work never kills, but the absence of it definitely does. Remaining idle is not essentially in human nature. Having an idle workforce brings negativity. Studies have shown that people do not … Read More

  • 20 / Jun 2013

    Training And Educational Needs Of Employees!!!

    Training needs of employees. Employee training programs or initiatives are an integral part of HR and long-term strategic objectives of an organization. Through innovative training programs, employees develop new capabilities and set skills to perform consistently. Many corporations with well-defined … Read More

  • 2 / Jun 2013


    A Non-performing staff or employee is a bane for any kind of business. Lazy co-workers can even obstruct your progress and harm your reputation. Just as a good resource gives you an edge in your business, non-performers can easily destroy … Read More