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  • Crack that Nut! Five Easy Steps to Carve Out Employees’ Performance At Work!

    For a manager, it sometimes gets really frustrating to ask his sub-ordinate to perform tasks in a desired manner. While the sub-ordinate always performs below expectations that raise threat to his job, manager is under pressure to find an eligible person.

    Before showing the EXIT board to any employee, manager must develop performance improvement plan for these troubled employees to give them a second chance. Even a small nudging may sometimes change their mindset and clear their vision to perform rightly.

    So, what you can do to bring out that ideal employee?

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    #Start working on yourself first. Get started like this:
    Think if you have ever clearly stated goals and objectives. You might expect them to perform and increase sales by say 30%, while you have not ever explicitly communicated the same to them.

    #Ensure you have not overloaded him with unattainable and unrealistic tasks:
    Consider their personality traits while assigning the job. For instance, a reserved or shy person can never be a good marketing person, as he can never talk and promote the product as nicely as others.

    #Jot Down Routine tasks:
    Give a small list of routine tasks to your sub-ordinates such as sending daily reports, etc. to align things in a set format.

    #Feedback and Follow-ups:
    Give regular feedbacks and also listen to their opinion and justifications towards different things. Take follow-up on decided tasks whether they are accomplished or not.

    #Set Penalties for un-done tasks:
    Be as harsh as you can! Give them prior indication to complete task or else they may face trouble. Let them know that this is serious business and they cannot take things lightly.

    These are a few steps that you can take to get that performance out of your employees with enhanced business productivity and growth. TeamWise Performance Management feature can help you monitor the performance levels of your employees and plan how to give it a boost!