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  • Do Your Employees Know How to Perform?

    Monitoring employee performance and maintaining of performance records by the companies is nothing about getting surprised. But, do all companies maintain it efficiently? The business houses have been facing real challenges while executing the task as it is not that difficult to let employees know that they are being evaluated, but what is more difficult is knowing when to track and how to track?

    On the other hand, it is equally critical for employees to know that which performance milestones they need to achieve with a clear mind set. This means, that at the start of each day, month or a year, they must have it in their minds what is expected of them, how they can deliver it and what will be the after effects if they get the job rightly done.


    But, the question is- how? Although there are a number of HR Software that offer such features that help in the performance evaluation of employees, yet they are not robust enough to help you track and guide your employees efficiently. TeamWise has an amazing performance management system that is capable enough to track record individual employee performance and provides an open communication platform where the supervisors can provide the feedback to their sub-ordinates on their performance as well as give their comment on how they can improve their performance and what is exactly expected of them. Thus, the system will help the organizations to track their employees’ performance in the best possible manner.