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  • Dropping Productivity Can Be a Side-effect of Increasing Absenteeism!

    It is a well proven fact that the employees that are engaged and satisfied with their job roles and responsibilities show less absenteeism. Absenteeism is one of the pain staking process and is a major issue at managerial level as it adversely affects productivity, employee morale and leadership among other employees.

    TeamWise-Leave and Attendance Management System

    Excessive absenteeism is an evil that not only Hampers Productivity but also restrains talented employees from giving effective performance. Today’s organizations believe in Collaborative Working and none of the employees perform individually. Thus, the whole team work gets affected by a Single Employees’ Absence disturbing the entire work schedule. Not only this, it relentlessly lowers those employees’ enthusiasm and morale who are regular at their Job and take Less Leaves. This happens more because, when other team members take unnecessary or extended leaves, then they not only have to do their task but also complete others’ tasks in order to meet the deadlines.

    Absenteeism, though, needs attention but it cannot be stopped completely, it can only be kept at bay through effective tracking and monitoring. Leave and attendance Management System can help in tracking employee in-time, out-time, break time, etc. This data will not only keep an EYE on employee regularity but also will be used by the senior management during the performance review process as each Employee’s Eemuneration will be decided on its basis.