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  • Employee Engagement!!!

    employee-managementEmployee Engagement

    It is a well known fact that work never kills, but the absence of it definitely does. Remaining idle is not essentially in human nature. Having an idle workforce brings negativity. Studies have shown that people do not avoid working until there is any confusion in what is to be done and how. Engagement levels have a direct impact on the performance of an individual. But keeping track of all the activities of the employees is not an easy task. There is a growing need of automated technology systems in tracking the engagement level of employees. There are various HR technologies available to empower managers and make their work easier. Technology that encourages employee communication and collaboration is becoming less expensive all the time. Small organizations can develop in house solutions that are cost-efficient and deliver on the promise of bringing people together in meaningful and productive ways.
    Therefore, good governance, employee-friendly HR policies and transparency in communication are increasingly becoming the fundamental pillars of progressive firms.

    Methods of communicating

    Employers these days constantly communicate with their employees through an internal employee social network. It helps each of them know what people are feeling, doing and sharing on a regular basis. The social intranet allows them to share corporate news, which employees can comment on. Even the employee newsletter is a crowd-sourced initiative.
    Organizations have deployed a holistic communication model ranging from leveraging the latest technology to face-to-face meetings. While technology has enabled mass reach; face-to-face meetings create a connect with the audience. The option of video conferencing enables the managers to have a direct conversation with the people working in all the branches of the country.
    Companies are increasingly using micro blogging as a tool to communicate with their employees. All important announcements worldwide are made through the micro blogging platform while one of the other modes of internal communication occurs on e-mail, phone, IM or SMS through blackberry messenger.

    Technology as a boon.

    The benefits of technology in communication are immense and the returns are long term. More and more organizations are using technology to their advantage in order to increase productivity, elevate revenues, build better relationships and customer delight to become global entities.

    Technology as a bane

    But on the other hand too much exposure to technology can also make it a bane. It can pose a threat if he doesn’t know where to draw the line and limit himself to data relevant to his job role. Therefore, it becomes difficult to manage data from an organizational standpoint. Teleconferencing, online chats, skype calls on computers have to be monitored to determine that the employees do not waste all their time in personal interactions.