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  • Evaluate Employee Performance with 360 Degree Performance Appraisal

    Performance Appraisals–One of the most thrilling processes for employees. In every organization, the appraisal season comes as an exciting one as all the employees get busy in evaluating and enhancing their annual performance and presenting a starry performance report to their supervisors and the appraisal committee (HR people).
    Gone are those days, when the employers didn’t pay any attention to the process as it did not served any profitable purpose.

    TeamWise - HRMS

    But, now, the whole dynamics has changed and even the employers look out for rewarding the performers and being strict on under-performers. It is also important, as with rising demand for talent, each organization wants to hold their best performers with satisfactory appraisals and recognition time to time. As of now, there is an all new appraisal management system that critically manages each and every employee’s performance appraisal.

    With the advent of integrated appraisal management software, things have become easier leading to improved business results. The organizations have also realized that it not only gives you the employee performance records, but also provides organizational report card that how the company has performed over the time.

    TeamWise offers a 360 Degree Appraisal System that monitors and evaluates individual employee’s performance for the whole year that is sued at the time of the performance appraisal helping in decision making for salary hikes, etc. this not only generates employee satisfaction and dedication, but also provides a platform to formulate future plan of action for employees as well as employer.