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  • Facing Performance Appraisals Cleverly!

    Being a manager, team leader or an executive, the deadest of task is managing your people and their performance. How can one judge the annual performance just on the basis of a single annual report?

    Even if you are aware of the performance and despite of your continuous efforts to improve the performance, how can one deal with situation? In a country like India, evaluating the people who you know very well is a tough job if you are going to provide negative feedbacks as you need relationships to survive. Thus, the performance appraisal sessions must be simple and straight forward.

    TeamWise- Solution for your worries

    The other means through which you can effectively deliver the session is through making monthly performance reviews that help you maintain records for the complete year’s performance that can help the supervisors to avoid any unwanted situation while providing the feedback. Instead of taking any lessons on facing performance appraisals, you can simply keep it straight and concise through the record of monthly appraisals. Here, even if the individual has not performed and you give a not-so-polite feedback, it doesn’t affects the individual as much as it does during the annual performance review as he has a scope of improvement. Moreover, the employees can work hard on improving their performance as they are aware that these feedbacks are going to add up to their annual report card!

    Through TeamWise HR software, on can incorporate the monthly performance appraisal system, that can help you deal smartly with the dreadful system of performance management.