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  • Facing Serious Troubles With Dissatisfied Employees? Find Out What’s Wrong??

    Irrespective of the time and money invested in implementing any change process, nothing can control or predict human variables. Different working units within an organization exhibit large cultural diversity and different working styles. Thus, the managers, especially HR ones, face consequent difficulties while building a unified corporation.

    Let’s have a look at one of our client’s story and who found a solution with TeamWise:

    Client currently operates in India and the organization has gradually expanded with time, but with time, they did not paid attention to other technical requirements that were indispensable with the growing size. By the time, the employee size increased enormously that made it a bit difficult for the HR departments to handle employees efficiently.


    One of the major setbacks for the company came during the appraisal season. When the managers sat with their sub-ordinates, they surprisingly found out that they were unaware of few people’s performance completely. They could not assess their performance as they were completely busy in other priority tasks and did not evaluate their sub-ordinates’ performances. With no option, they had to believe what their employees showed in their annual reports.

    Decision-making became time-consuming and unsettling for employees as some of them were not able to show it on papers what they did and did not get the appropriate rewards, while some under-performers got more than what they deserved. This further dampened employee morale and attrition rate increased drastically.

    Thus, what it needed was a technology that could rescue them out with employee related issues and to get better Performance Monitoring and Management. TeamWise demonstrated easy software integration and the technology benefits to the client that fit their requirement. The exclusive performance management system made it easy for managers to assess their sub-ordinates’ performances individually through a monthly performance review system where the employee as well as supervisor both put their comments over monthly performance. This made it easy for managers at the time of annual appraisals as they had the complete data records with them.

    On exploring other features like leave and attendance management, payroll management, etc., the client incorporated the complete TeamWise module that offered complete flexibility to them. The product also assured them that it is ageless and completely configurable that made them future-proof and ready for any changes.