Single Product with Multiple Wiser Features!!

Extra-efficient features and functionality offered by TeamWise help HR professionals stay ahead of times and perform at the zenith of their capabilities while all other tedious HR jobs are taken care of by the all-automated technology.

Punctual Payroll Processing

Punctual Payroll Processing

Automatically manage employee payroll accounts, fetch employee details, evaluate time sheets, calculate monthly salaries, automatic tax updates, auditing, reporting and other payroll-related tasks- all through the integrated Payroll Management System.

Aesthetic User-Interface with Simplified Navigation

Aesthetic User-Interface with Simplified Navigation

The dynamic user interface and simplified navigation gives users a ground breaking experience. TeamWise stands out tall among its competitors by offering such well-knit interface that helps users to seamlessly manage employee information and get better insights.

Adapting Ways

Adapting Your Ways!

Bring a difference to your routine HR activities without any change in the way you perform all employee-related functions. TeamWise brings you highly configurable and intuitive features that readily adapt and perform as per your company policies and procedures!

Shift Swaps

Untangle Your Shift Swaps

Scheduling your shifts made easy with efficient TeamWise Roster feature. Streamline your business processes and make as many shift arrangements with the dynamic and easy-to-use feature with an amazing GUI.

Employee Update

Real Time Employee Update

Stay updated and informed with the sharp and reliable TeamWise notification service that updates the managers and supervisors when there is any update from the employee. It helps eliminate the communication or the information gap that disrupt the business processes.

Complaint Processing

Prompt Complaint Processing With Step-Wise Updates

You can check the processing of your filed complaint and keep a track on it through the efficient TeamWise Complaint Center. It gives a summarized view of your complaints through the maintained history of all events allowing you to take your decisions.

Attendance Registers

Goodbye to Traditional Attendance Registers

Enter the Gen "Y" with the most advanced technologies. TeamWise is exclusively designed and can be integrated with any kind of time tracking device-biometric or card punching machine, or a finger-printing device, etc. thereby capturing clear and precise employees' in-out information.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected Always

The cloud-based application can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, allowing users to manage employee information seamlessly. It empowers managers and supervisors to process employee time-off or other requests even when away from the workplace.

Intuitive Analytics

Intuitive Analytics, No Spreadsheets Required..!

The sharp and intuitive analytics give answers to all your concerns related to the workforce performance. TeamWise provides comprehensive insight across HR Management platform enabling managers to make better informed decisions through the generated reports.


Stay Informed and Get a Holistic View of Workforce

Keep an eye on all your employees through the collaborative platform where every feature is directly linked with employees. The application keeps you connected with your employees and makes you aware of each and every new event taking place in the organization.



Become a smart recruiter with highly advanced TeamWise Employee Onboarding System. Now your selected candidates can upload all documents and necessary details over the system prior to their joining that will be fetched by the employee database as soon as the candidate joins!

Data Security

Data Security Is Priority

No matter how accessible the application is, your data is completely secured and encrypted. Data security is taken as top priority and there is a 24*7*365 monitoring of data centers to ensure server safety and data availability.