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    Job market is changing at a rapid pace and requires recruiters to remain updated with the latest trends. Whether you are a seasonal recruiter or your recruitment activities go all year round, there is a need to understand the challenges that are likely to take place and the best way to deal with them so that you retain your talented employees.

    This year, recruiters are likely to witness these following challenges:

    —>Retention Issues Impacting Recruitment:

    An approximate 25% increase is expected in turnover rates as employees are more comfortable in moving towards better job opportunities. This leads to a sudden increase in job openings, putting huge pressure on the recruitment teams. They also need to take in account the turnover probability of a candidate before finalizing him / her.

    —>Rapid Decisions:

    There will be an urgent need to speed up the hiring process in order to make quick decisions. The rising competition for acquiring the best talent will eventually lead the companies to look out for speedy hiring tools that will help them fish out talent from the pool of candidates. This kind of speedy hiring may also provoke the chances of making wrong decisions that might later result in less productive workforce.

    —>Business Unpredictability Might Impact Workforce Planning

    With an ever-changing business environment, growing organizations find it difficult to plan out their workforce size accordingly. They may have an ample amount of work at one point of time that become unmanageable and half a work as compared to their workforce size, at the other. Due to these ups and downs in the amount of work, the requirement prediction task becomes a challenging one, thus resulting in obsolete workforce planning decisions.

    —>Talent Attracted Towards Start-Ups:

    A massive shift has been experienced in the choice for organization among talented candidates. Today’s workforce is enthusiastic and wants to work in an environment that offers a fresh and happening workplace culture where they can learn a lot. This is not possible to achieve in a large company, so candidates are opting for small or start-up organizations where they will find a lot to do and learn. This will make it difficult for large enterprises to attract talented young workforce and sustain their position in fierce competition.

    —>Prioritizing Job:

    With more employees leaving an organization, there will be a major dip in terms of work productivity due to inadequate resources. Thus, there is need for the companies to prioritize the tasks and assign the high priority ones to be completed on time.

    These are some of the recruitment issues that might trouble recruiters throughout this year. There is an immediate need for proper planning and implementation of work strategy, concentrating more on retaining talent with the organization. At the same time, to overcome any sudden requirement, records of potential candidates should be maintained through a recruitment management system.