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  • Hire Newbie For Challenging Posts! Sure?

    While you are all covered under heaps of resumes and job openings, here is a quick tip for all you recruiters.

    Whenever you have an opening in your company, you post that job, and get hundreds of resumes. You tend to pick the ones that best suit your requirements-have considerable experience, good knowledge, working on same domain, GREAT! What else you need…Right? But, then why many times, these ‘perfect’ resources don’t deliver the way you expect? This is a problem, and the problem is that they are not motivated! They have done the same work, thus, they need not put in much effort to work for you. Moreover, it is quite probable that they just took a switch as they wanted salary hike and a more comfortable job, that’s it!

    Here, my concern is that, though it’s good to find experienced people for your job vacancies, as it saves your training and spoon feeding time, but that is not beneficial for all job roles.

    Hire Newbie For Challenging Posts! Sure-TeamWise

    Maximum job roles need more motivated, enthusiastic and innovative individuals who are seldom found in the over-experienced breed. To make my point, what one needs to look out now is for less experienced individuals, who join you for a challenging role and thus put in their efforts to come out with flying colors. Of course, you need not to bring in the college pass outs that come with their college-going attitude, but the ones, who have a fire in them, who have this appetite to prove themselves and do something new!

    And then you can always replace and repair the damage, if any, occurs through this experiment, but surely, you will get an edge in your working style or a new energy to get things done! Moreover, you’ll get a resource in less money with more dedication, and that’s an absolutely profitable DEAl!