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  • Labeled As “Under-Performer”?? Are You Actually The Culprit?

    Listening to some HR experiences of our clients, a random thought just knocked my mind.

    If the employee sits idle for a considerable time in the office, should he be considered as an under-performer?

    Reason for sitting idle could be completing work before time with a good pace or maybe he is not assigned any task!

    TeamWise-under performance

    Who would you blame for it? Employee or Employer?

    In either of the cases above, both the parties are equal contributors. If the employee completes work in less time, means the employer is under-estimating the employee by not allocating tasks according to his caliber. While if latter is the case, then the employee is not proactive enough to go and get tasks assigned to him and make use of valuable time instead of sitting idle.

    Here, both need to understand the reason for associating with each other. They are here to do business and bring returns to the organization. The managers must train their employees well and make them proactive towards taking challenging tasks, while the employees must know the purpose of them being here and how they can contribute.

    So, I think I have made my point, that employees are not the under-performers; they are either under-estimated or under-trained!