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  • New & Distinctive TeamWise Overtime Policy

    Overtime Policy Management is the self-service module in TeamWise, a web- based HRMS & Payroll Management software of TrogonSoft. Attendance Settings not only roster non-working days and hours but, any variation in the other guidelines is also possible namely working overtime, working on weekends or extra allowances, etc. Now, since organizations usually mechanize the overtime policy and attendance policy in one, the Overtime Policy featured on TeamWise, facilitates employees of your organization to mention their additional duties and allowances. As the feature is designed so flexibly, it can do a lot more.

    Over time calculation functionality can automatically compute complex over time, and is instantaneously able to determine labor costs attributed to projects by employee, division, department, work-type and quantity produced.

    TeamWise - HRMS

    Employees in an organization can use the Overtime Policy module to register additional duties and allowances. For example, it might entail travel allowances, duties outside regular working hours, etc. These requisitions go to the team manger and HR department for an online approval. The information is then dispatched to the Payroll Management System and, to the Attendance Management Module. The Overtime Policy module is designed to be particularly easy and flexible. The advantage of this is that you can practically integrate any process with the respective module.

    With TeamWise, you will have an accurate overview of the employees working overtime and calculate for your salary costs. The management of overtime calculation is automatically or manually done from requisition to approval, including the adjustment in salary component. For the salary part or the compensation, the supervisors will be provided with an option to either compensate the employees in monetary terms or through a combination of comp off and monetary benefits. Therefore, the flexible functionality of the feature makes it an innovative and distinctive one!