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  • Open Source HR Software Can be Included In Government Offices’ Priority List!

    A recent policy has been released by the Indian Ministry of Communications and IT regarding the mandated use of Open Source Software (OSS) in all government offices under Central & State governments. The decision has been taken supporting the fact that it will lead to significant cost reduction as well as lead to strategic and economic benefits.

    In closed source software, as earlier used in many govt. offices, users had limited rights to make any changes, modifications, reengineering, etc. Thus, in such cases, open source software can give multi-fold benefits to organizations.


    Government is planning to contact OSS communities in India and outside and ask them to contribute where possible. An important suggestion that can be made is to introduce Open Source HR software in the offices to manage the employees as the software allows them to customize it as per govt. policies and regulations. Well-managed and automated processes will further streamline the functioning of different departments.