Teamwise payroll System

TeamWise Payroll

Simplicity and Accuracy encapsulated for Confident Payments.

Payroll management system has been gratifying the prerequisite of the system that needs the management of accounts and employee’s payroll. Payroll management software helps the smaller and bigger corporation in managing the payroll of their workforce that could be easily maintained with the automatic system, lessening the burden of payroll administrator. It helps in the computation of stipend and inference that has to be done based on the criteria of the record maintained.

Payroll management service assures incorporated solutions that manage the responsibility of roles and functions of administration and accounts department. Payroll system saves the time that human resources might spend in doing the same work with less efficiency. Since the payroll systems are automatically generated by the software it reduces the cost price, which used to be invested earlier on generating monthly pay slips and payroll sheets.

The payroll report can be easily imported from the software and can easily be stored in excel format. The functioning of Payroll management system is made user friendly with the introduction of user defined formula that helps operation of filling up the details like age, gender, category etc in forms. It also sustains the information that the company has to keep records for deductions and earnings of the company.

TeamWise provides the payroll management service that has been designed to provide all significant aspects of services which advance the business. The system helps generating the trouble free report of information records that are definitely essential for the corporate organization irrespective of the size. Our team knows about all aspects of payroll system which is therefore, utilized in the best possible way by its implications. The integration of services resulted in reduction of the trouble of maintaining the records of a large lot.


  • It incorporates "Company Master", a highly configurable module that can easily mould entire payroll configuration of the application as per the organizational requirements.
  • "Taxation Module" covers the absolute workflow, from inserting the income tax slabs to investments & deductions under specific sections. These calculations of TDS are a blessing for the payroll group.
  • The "Salary Module" enables the payroll administrator to manage various salary related operations like salary definition, salary generation for the employees and view it anytime as the need arises. It also gives all the details of past salaries drawn by the employee along with his present one.
  • "Loans Module" is designed for the calculation of loan details of the employees & keeping a track of their installments paid/unpaid and also calculating the interest rate. The flexibility of Loan module helps the payroll administrator to provide any kind of loan to the employees.
  • "Reports" module of TeamWise Payroll not only allows the payroll manager to view bulk data in an accurate tabular way but also generates graphical and pictorial images to present the same data in more understandable way. The reports can be easily customized on various available factors as per the payroll administrator requirement.
  • Filling various forms for every employee is a tedious job. But the "Forms" module of TeamWise provides automated forms. With a single, click the payroll administrator can generate an auto filled form for any employee. Forms module also provides form template where the template of other forms is available which can be downloaded from application in case of requirement.


  • One time configuration is required after which the details are accessible to the authorized personnel anytime.
  • It has made PF/PT/ESI configuration and calculation simpler. No manual work is required as the system does all the calculations automatically.
  • Automatic salary generation reduces the monthly task of Payroll administrator. This also ensures that the salaries are delivered on time even when the Payroll administrator has to go on unexpected leave.
  • TeamWise’s efficient Payroll Management system automatically calculates the TDS, gratuity and loan from salary without any error.
  • It gives all the benefits to ensure a trouble free loan management.
  • IT declaration can also be done under different sections with attachments of related documents.
  • It generates accurate and trouble free graphical and tabular reports showcasing bulk data in an accurate and presentable way.
  • It also enables the employees to view their personal payroll reports without the involvement of HR or payroll administrator.
  • Integration of all the Leave & Attendance records helps in calculating salaries for employees.
  • It also controls the exit formalities for payroll along with full & final settlement.