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  • Recognize The Hidden ‘Intrapreneurs’ In Your Organization!!

    Everyone is familiar with the term ENTREPRENEUR- the one who has the strong ability to recognize business opportunities and create business empires through it.

    Entrepreneurs are the misfits in a conventional structure and possess the ability to carve out new avenues through self-belief in their innovative ideas. These people, in the current business scenario, have become celebrities on their very own out-of-box thinking and vision.

    Recognize The Hidden ‘Intrapreneurs’ In Your Organization!!

    But, it’s not that only these entrepreneurs have that capability to go beyond the conventional barriers, there is another creed of individuals that are equally creative, but have low profile and working within a business, known as ‘INTRAPRENEURS’. Entrepreneurs work and fight with the outside world, while intrapreneurs are somewhere struggling in the organizational hierarchy with their great ideas.

    Recognizing this species is not a Difficult Task as you can find them fighting with the teams and convincing them to adopt their UN-conventional ideas and strategies!

    Thus, here, moral of the discussion is that the senior managers must keep looking for this breed with the help of Talent Management System, and be always aware of this precious talent among themselves and who; with their out-of-box thinking can bring in such a powerful idea that can take business to unlimited heights and success!