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Recruitment Management Module

Assessment-Planning-Recruiting are unified for enhanced agility.

Customizable flow with the Resource Requests through informative forums and recruiting solutions and hiring the best management services is a competitive exercise. The service providers have to be better, faster, and more agile as compared to your opponents to hire experts that will drive your business forward. Recruitment management system adopts various approaches to recruit best team. The services and working thus becomes increasingly effective in the face of new technologies that keep up your site in attracting, engaging and selecting top talent.

Recruiting software improves your ability to identify, attract, and engage the right candidates that make best team to boost up the success of the organization. The software helps you select and hire candidates faster. The potent combination creates the experts who can complete execution of effective solutions to reach the next level. And as part of the recruiting solutions it becomes a dominant part of your organization’s overall talent strategy.

Instructions and recommendations to Recruit Best Candidates can be stated as follows:

Talent Magnetism : It's important to post to the right channels in the fast-changing world of social networks, search engines, and mobile devices. Recruitment software uses robust sourcing analytics to show you exactly how each of those channels performs in which you can invest accordingly.

Talent Engagement : You must initiate relationships and systematically maintain contact with candidates like the engagement with customers as part of any marketing strategy. This would result in lesser amount of work for recruiters and would get you a higher return on your recruiting investment.

Talent Assortment : You can perk up the effectiveness of selection process with objective decisions that are both collaborative and fast at recruiting management system. The focus on business execution makes it mandatory that talent selection aligns with your overall talent and business strategy.

Talent Embarking : The right choice of hiring candidates is more likely to hit the ground running, but an effective on boarding process remains critical as it assures that the process starts as soon as possible and engages your new hires by connecting them to the people and resource needed.

  • Teamiwse

    Resource request flow

    Easily places a resource request through informative forms which have to be filled with accurate data and submitted for approval.It provides an extremely customizable flow for submitting the request form to the HR or the Department Head for its approval. It gives the option to send approval, Rejection or Keep it ‘on Hold’ with just a single click.It enables to view resource request history through an easy and stepwise process. To make it easier for the HR user, all the processes like allocating an HR executive for a particular job opening to assigning internal employees and opening the hiring process are integrated at a single HR page.A systematic recruitment process from initiation to closing is ensured by closing the job opening and finishing with the comments section.
  • Teamiwse

    Manage the Job Openings

    Add and post job vacancies on the Portal categorizing them as open or close. The Resource Request that is approved is created as a new job posting automatically.The advance and simple search parameters quickly search job openings and applicants.
  • Provides effective Resume Management

    The Resume Management lists out all the applicant details and job openings in a well-organized tabular manner. This systematic approach to all the information gives a clean look to the entire application.The Applicant Database is maintained and the information can be searched and gathered at any point of time. Applicants can be added and resumes uploaded easily. HR department can manage and search for them whenever required after associating them with the Job Openings as per the profiles.The Applicant’s details can be figured out in different criteria and resumes can be viewed and downloaded from a same page.One can lock or associate applicants for a job opening. Interviews and screening rounds can be scheduled after which the decision can be taken. One can also schedule screenings for large number of applicants from one single input along with tracking status and result for each applicant.
  • Schedules & Rejects Applicants

    Schedule Screening Levels like Aptitude Test, HR Interviews etc for applicants. Even bulk scheduling for a number of applicants can be done with the use of a single screen.Applicants can be rejected at any stage of Hiring Process along with capturing all details for the Rejection to be used for future reference.
  • New Entrant Joining feature

    After a one time configuration of the offer letter format, all you have to do is to simply click ‘Generate’ and the offer letter will be ready for the Download. You can save it is as PDF for simply printing it and send it.You can track the status of the offered applicants and capture the details for the offer. Icon recognition gives a good visibility of the status.Makes charts & generates reports on the hiring process and gets accurate and efficient information on all important HR Metrics.
  • Other Features

    Tracks applicant history giving scope for rescheduling and cancellation of any screening round without any chaos.Option of MY Interviews, MY Resource Request, MY Request Review manages all individual data. Questionnaire is available for each screening level, you can add the evaluation comments for each applicant and complete result for future reference before submitting the results to the HR.Tracks different status for each job opening, as Approved, Rejected, Closed, On Hold or In Process, along with the name of the person handling that job opening.Sends automatic E-mail / SMS alerts to the applicants and interviewer to keep them updated about the schedule.All Vital Statistics related to the job openings and applicant’s hiring status can be viewed through graphs and charts.


  • All the modules are interlinked which eases out the work of HR.
  • The whole process of recruitment becomes faster and easier.
  • Employee data can be accessed with the click of a button.
  • Ensures better operational levels for the HR personnel.