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  • Save Time by Easy Attendance Tracking System!!

    Being the supervisor or the manager, it is quite difficult to keep track of the sub-ordinates who ask for leave or days off. Practically, it is not possible to manage all the leave data through e-mails as in a day, hundreds of mails flock in your account.

    This means, there is no close look over the employees who are on leave and who are showing up as no detailed records are maintained. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating for the other employees who reach office in time, and are quite regular, while others don’t show up on time and also are on leave at regular basis as there is no such record to catch them. This may lead to aggravated dissatisfaction among the employees that is very dangerous for the business productivity.

    TeamWise - HRMS software

    Regularity and punctuality is a major problem for mangers as well as HR teams, especially when the organization is not using robust human resource management software. To comply with the problem, leave and attendance system offered by HRMS software can help the managers in keeping a record of the leave applications sent by the employees and it will also help them identify that how many leave the particular employee has taken and how punctual and regular he is. TeamWise, being the leading HRMS and Payroll Management Software, offers efficient leave and attendance feature that can help you track your employees’ days off and working hours with precision and ease.