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  • Stop These Mal-Practices Against Your Employees Right Now!

    Having a great workforce doesn’t entail that the results will be as fruitful as expected! Surprising, isn’t it? Indeed it is…but that’s the truth!

    It’s not only acquiring the top-shot performers, but guiding and retaining them is the biggest challenge! Extracting out that marvelous performance needs a lot of efforts from employers as it entirely depends on the boss’ attitude towards the workforce.


    Here’s a checklist of what you shouldn’t do to your employees:

    Repeated Background Check: Before bringing in any new employee, make sure you complete all reference and background checks. Don’t carry on with the process once you take the candidate onboard, this will lower employee morale and make them feel being investigated all the time!

    Forced Resignations: Stop asking employees for their resignations! Don’t try being nice by allowing them to resign from their jobs instead of firing them. If they deserve it, fire them. Polite request for resignations, make employees more confident that they will not get fired and can work in the way they want!

    Unjustified Compensations: Ahh! That’s the most common mistake. Why the whole process of deciding remunerations rests on “how good you are at negotiating?? This should be a complete no-no! Paying more to a less qualified and new guy than your high performing, highly experienced, long-term loyal guy is completely unjustified and makes your loyal employee turn hostile!

    False Performance Feedbacks: Don’t give feedbacks just for the sake of giving! Give meaningful and true feedback…not just give a neutral and apply-to-all one! This is not only rotting your workforce performance, but making it stereotype with no personal or professional growth and development.

    Avoid Proper Documentation: If you are wise boss, why not keep everything documented? Avoiding it will bring a sense of apprehension in employees’ minds that whether the work they are doing is legally correct or not!

    These are a few employee breaking things that you practice and you should stop them at once. For overcoming these and ensure a fair dealing with employees, get an Employee Information System that will keep all your employees well-engaged and informed about ongoing company processes and practices!