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  • 22 / Oct 2013

    Get Maximum ROI on Talent Investments Through Talent Management Solutions

    Before the global economic meltdown, no organization gave it a second thought to invest in acquiring the best talent for their business. It was completely a no-brainer thing. But now, 5 years down the line, with the economic environment still … Read More

  • 21 / Oct 2013

    Rising Demand for a Robust as well as Simplified HRIS Software

    For the simplification and easy flow of business operations, there is a need to incorporate some simple and easy-to-use technology in the field of Human Resources. With the new advancement on a daily basis and their adoption by business organizations … Read More

  • 18 / Oct 2013

    Are you Evaluating Your Employee Performance Rightly??

    Despite of all other factors such as job satisfaction, friendly work culture, etc., the only factors that can always boost up employee morale are pay and recognition. Only these are the factors that can impact the Employee Performance and overall … Read More

  • 24 / Sep 2013

    Why You Make Wrong Hirings?

    Many HR professionals keep lamenting for the wrong decision they take during the hiring process. The reason for welcoming not-that-good guy is not one, as a number of factors contribute in such actions and no one is to be blamed … Read More

  • 23 / Sep 2013

    Technology Driven Management- Online HRMS Helping Managers Work Remotely

    Gone are those days when the mangers used to manage their teams on a one-on-one basis. The modern managers monitor their team members and sub-ordinates remotely through the different mediums of communication. Recent survey conducted on HR trends and technology … Read More

  • 2 / Sep 2013

    New & Distinctive TeamWise Overtime Policy

    Overtime Policy Management is the self-service module in TeamWise, a web- based HRMS & Payroll Management software of TrogonSoft. Attendance Settings not only roster non-working days and hours but, any variation in the other guidelines is also possible namely working … Read More

  • 29 / Aug 2013

    Team Connect- An Adaptable Feature for Staying Connected with the Workforce

    TeamWise, has launched its TeamWise- Team Connect Module. Team Connect is available for providing TeamWise customers the facility to deploy access to self-service function across their enterprise. This TeamWise feature is available to facilitate our customers with an innovative functionality … Read More

  • 13 / Aug 2013

    Teamwise-An Ageless HRMS & Payroll Management Software

    The concept of adopting and incorporating HR software is an old one and nearly most of the companies have it installed in their systems. But, the growing competition and introduction of advanced and new technologies, the companies have been struggling … Read More

  • 1 / Aug 2013

    HRMS Solutions Reassuring Smooth Management System!!!

    The present day world had been moving towards the technical advancement. With the advent of industrialization and modernization things have been changing and moving at a rapid rate bringing in the change in working ideologies too. The scenario has changed … Read More

  • 22 / Jul 2013

    Human Resource Software Tracking The Daily Worksheet Of Their Team Members!!!

    The technological advancement has brought in changed in almost all the fields in the present day economic world. The shopping websites or map navigation everything is now worked upon with an automation that renders a helpful hand to business corporations … Read More