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  • 12 / Jul 2013

    Retaining Talented Employees!!!

    How to retain talented employees? Dev Arora is a shining star of a reputed MNC in which he has been working for the last 6 years. Going by his records, the company has given him everything in these years, be … Read More

  • 20 / Jun 2013

    Training And Educational Needs Of Employees!!!

    Training needs of employees. Employee training programs or initiatives are an integral part of HR and long-term strategic objectives of an organization. Through innovative training programs, employees develop new capabilities and set skills to perform consistently. Many corporations with well-defined … Read More

  • 15 / Jun 2013

    Human Resource Management System Software!!!

    The problem of finding a good and efficient employee is often faced by all sorts of business corporations irrespective of their largeness and smallness. The capability to recruit best people out of the lot requires lot of experience and an … Read More

  • 20 / May 2013


    How Human Resource Management system helps companies to achieve their goals? The past two decades have been a time of radical technology-driven changes, but the coming 20 years are going to be even more transformative. The best is yet to … Read More