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  • Take a Risk…Hire that Suspicious Candidate!!

    Hire like never before…
    No past experience…
    Fire is an option..

    Hirings!! That’s certainly an alarming as well as routine thing for the hiring managers. Many of you must be very good at judging employees through their body language, technical capabilities and their ability to fit in a corporate set-up!
    But, how many of you have turned down a number of job applications just because you evaluated candidates on the basis of your previous bad experiences with candidates of similar characteristics???



    The number could be a larger one..isnt it??

    That’s my concern! Don’t recruit on the basis of your previous bad experiences; don’t make an opinion about a candidate because you have encountered one such person in the past. Here, what we want to focus on is to recruit people keeping all other things is important though to use your experience and proficiency while hiring, but don’t let a capable candidate become a victim of your previous “not-so-good” experience with an individual of same caliber..Take risk, Give a chance to an aspiring candidate…needless to say…you always have the option to fire a non-performer!!

    This is not that difficult task to accomplish, you can always monitor the performance of these candidates through your Performance Appraisal Systems that will determine whether your decision was right or wrong…But,

    Go with the New Wave- Recruit like you are recruiting for the first time..!!