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  • Team Connect- An Adaptable Feature for Staying Connected with the Workforce

    TeamWise, has launched its TeamWise- Team Connect Module. Team Connect is available for providing TeamWise customers the facility to deploy access to self-service function across their enterprise. This TeamWise feature is available to facilitate our customers with an innovative functionality to arrange self service mobility access for their enterprise.

    With TeamWise Team Connect Module, employees shall now be able to update personal profile, access their salary details, request day off, and swiftly execute other self-service requirements securely by the use of their Smartphone. Moreover, managers can also approve (or reject) workflow requisitions (for example leave requests, appraisal requests, punch- in time, or resource requests) and rapidly access personnel phone and their email information and can also contact that employee in just one click.

    The use of Smartphone has increased exponentially. It has become necessity for almost every individual to communicate today. This is certainly true and such features are required that have a compatibility with mobile phones or are available as a mobile application.


    Our enhanced feature enables managers and employees to leverage TeamWise- Team Connect potentialities irrespective of where they are situated – stuck in traffic, waiting for an appointment, on vacations at Miami, sitting in their living room or during their dinner hour. They no longer need to be fixed to their Laptop to update their profile, check on their attendance status or view how many leave have they availed. This new feature matches the requirements of today’s mobile workforce.”

    The most important feature of a TeamWise Team Connect is its ability to offer Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service. The main aim of making TeamWise Team Connect mobile is to grant remote access to the workforce so that they can access, update and interact their information and find out the status of their HR related processes namely- Leave Approval, Reimbursement Approval, Over Time and many more.

    On the whole, TeamWise offers such a feature that facilitates connectivity among the workforce and the organizations and makes it possible for the supervisors and managers to track the location of their team members and assigning suitable tasks to them accordingly, thereby maintaining the flow of business operations.