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  • Technology Driven Management- Online HRMS Helping Managers Work Remotely

    Gone are those days when the mangers used to manage their teams on a one-on-one basis. The modern managers monitor their team members and sub-ordinates remotely through the different mediums of communication.

    Recent survey conducted on HR trends and technology found that approximately 35% of the workforce is remotely supervised by their seniors for at least once a week. The surveyed employees also revealed that the face-off with the supervisors and top management has greatly reduced over the past couple of years and maximum interaction is done through the mails, mobile apps for different HR software or forums.

    TeamWise - HRMS software

    Not only this, it also came out that the regular staff does not meet their mangers on a daily basis and even the leave and attendance is monitored through the robust HR software incorporated within the organizations. Even the leave applications are approved or rejected online.

    This is a kind of revolutionary change that is coming in the work culture in India, and other parts of Asia. Even majority of the employees think that this kind of practice has given them more freedom in their working style that results in positive developments as they are given an opportunity to explore their innovative and imaginative side.

    Similarly, even the managers feel that by remotely managing their teams, their management skills are getting better and more productive results come through it. This has helped managers understand that the employees can perform better if given a space.
    HR technology has come a long way allowing managers to remotely lead their teams. At the same time, it has brought HR managers out from their cabins to the floors interacting more with employees leading to productive results. To know more about the technology, read full article: