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  • What Makes Employees Hold Back Their Inner Creativity?

    Keeps Down Your Employee Innovativeness-TeamWise

    So you say you’re not creative? And neither of your employees is? Then ‘YOU’ may be the problematic one!

    Being creative has nothing to do with being smart or intellectual; anyone can be creative. In fact, there’s no guarantee that if your employees are smart, then they will necessarily be creative. Creativity is just doing something differently, and that works, of course!!

    But why is it so important to have creativity in work? It’s rather simple! Creative people tend to be relatively more motivated as they’ve achieved something. They always look for finding better way of doing things by thinking outside the box. This is their way of getting motivated and successfully moving forward.

    In the workplace, usually managers and supervisors don’t value creativity much and if they do, they have their own theories regarding the factors accelerating innovation. This fact has been supported through a recent study conducted on top decision–makers and low-level employees with an experience of one to five years in different organizations.

    According the survey findings, 34 % of entry-level employees consider initiatives as the decisive factor to maintain innovation at workplace, where only 5 % of the bosses agreed to their perspective.

    Concurring with the William Clement Stone saying, “You are a product of your environment!!” Working environment is crowned as the second most crucial factor for innovation. 14 % of young professionals backed this statement, but sadly only 2 percent of experienced managers acknowledged it.

    Time factor is placed third in terms of factors affecting creativity with twelve percent of the young professionals’ approving it. They think that to jointly develop innovative ideas, adequate time frame is required. Whereas, only two percent of the managers considered it necessary.

    Managers and low-level employees have completely different opinion about the important innovation drivers. Generally, managers focus on the big picture, which they rather should, but when it comes to fabricating ways to promote creativity, they should consider employees valuable suggestions too.

    Additionally, praising employees using some simple gestures like Nice Job”, “Great Improvement”, “I’m glad you’re trying” or “Nice Try”, in the workplace can help motivate employees and make them more creative and satisfied.

    So, it’s better that employers take a moment and analyze themselves first and find ways to increase their own levels of creativity and get open to ideas. This will eventually help in making employees more creative and motivated at the workplace that will eventually be profitable for the company overall!