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  • Why Managers Avoid Performance Feedback “Faceoff”..??

    Avoiding giving employee feedback is one of the common behavioral patterns in most organizations, particularly when a negative feedback is to be given. Although, we regularly discuss the issues with our friends, colleagues, or family, yet when it comes to a faceoff with the respective individual, we back off!!

    Managers Avoid Performance Feedback

    What is it that stops us from being into the place? There are many common behavioral issues with employees. Identifying these character traits as a reason for low employee performance is not difficult. Some are “Excuse Experts”, or “Spoon Feeders”, or some are “I know everything” types. But to convey them the same takes great courage.

     Even the highly experienced supervisors and managers try to get off with it making lame excuses that they don’t know how to say it, or they don’t want any conflicts, or to further worsen the situation, or that particular individual is already under stress, etc.

    Here, the problem is not of avoiding giving review, it is more of avoiding the “FACEOFF”!!

    However, this can be achieved through coming ahead of the traditional means of giving performance review that orchestrates the feedback conversation. Providing a performance review through an Employee Management System that involves an in-built performance review system can be a real problem-solver. Here, the supervisor puts his feedback for each employee individually that can only be viewed by the respective employee that further purges out any possibility of getting into any argument or conflict. Thus, it is better to have a performance review system than to get into verbal discussions and further spoiling things.