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  • Why You Make Wrong Hirings?

    Many HR professionals keep lamenting for the wrong decision they take during the hiring process. The reason for welcoming not-that-good guy is not one, as a number of factors contribute in such actions and no one is to be blamed for it. There are many black holes within an organization that become the prime reason for such mistakes.

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     These include:

    Vague Job Description: This is the most common problem in many organizations that the HR managers themselves are not very sure about the roles and responsibilities of the job opening. It is very important to have to clear picture in mind about which department the candidate will join, whom will he report to, and what exactly he has to do!
    Only focus On Technical Expertise Ignoring Inter-personal Skills: This fact is a menace to the hiring process. In technical job openings, the only skills that are considered to matter are the technical ones. The decision makers forget that in the long run, inter-personal skills would overshadow the technical ones and the candidate must be assessed on his capabilities to work in a team, with a team and also to lead a team.
    Inefficient Recruitment Process: In some cases, the HR managers do not carry out the process rightly due to lack of time, or any other reason, that does not provide a clear character sketch of the prospective candidate mainly about his past work-ex, background, professionalism, etc.

    All these are very common mistakes that lead to wrong decision-making. Thus, to avoid further mistakes, it’s better to incorporate an efficient recruitment management system along with your HR software. The recruitment management system offered by TeamWise can ease out the tedious recruitment process and help you in bringing the right talent in.
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